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School's out for Summer!

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I bet you sang that, didn't you?

I know I did... *dances around and pretends to play the drums*

It's been ever so slightly quiet here for the last, hmm... 8/9 months hasn't it?

Well we're alive!

All is well in our world, we've just been busy, well... living it!

Case in point in the above picture. We're so lucky to be so close to such beautiful places, and this one is only about 20 minutes away!

exploring more
exploring more

I haven't woven through ferns like these since I was a kid! It was a great feeling, having them tickle our ankles (and shoulders!) as we walked through the tiny path, finding our way our of the mini jungle we found ourselves in.

paddling in the river
paddling in the river

Of course the best bit is always going for a paddle in the river! Complete with trying to soak each other.

Zack and I that is... if we tried that with Max, well... I don't think he'd take too kindly to it! He may love his baths now but dunking him in a random river quite possible isn't the best idea.

my Max
my Max

That doesn't mean my little guy didn't want to join in with having his photo taken! In fact he insisted that he be "shot"... this was the best of a few, bless him... he hasn't figured out about staying relatively still so the photos don't blur!

I can't believe this little guy has finished primary 2 and is nearly 8 years old! It is pretty scary at times to think just how much more grown up he is, especially with his speech and such still being so behind in comparison to his peers who are all a year younger.

Still, he's coming on leaps and bounds in general, and we're all insanely proud of our little guy!

my Zack
my Zack

And then there's this not-little-anymore guy... my big dude Zack.

Who's going to be ten in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS till he hits the double digits!

He can be a bit too silly at times, a bit too loud and never shuts up (no idea where he could get that from... *cough*), and is one of the most amazingly patient, kind and thoughtful kids I know. Totally biased of course, but he does show amazing strength and understanding with everything that he has to deal with.

Don't get me wrong, things are improving daily with Max, but they're still not "normal"... or easy, and that does impact on Zack, and he handles it with a maturity well beyond his years.

And is still able to be silly and cray cray when he has the chance!

Luckily he's getting to go away to a retreat for a week with his Young Carers group this summer. I am *so* pleased for him to have this experience... it means he gets a proper week OFF from any stresses or worries. And so so many memories are made!

And me? Well, things have been up and down. I had a boyfriend, then we split, then we got back together, then we split... (never works out, does it?). That was a couple months ago now, and I'm definitely sure I made the right decision to become single again.

Let me tell you - if anyone ever expects you to "fix" your flaws while using their own as a badge of freakin' honour? Kick their ass to the kerb, 'cause you are worth SO much more than that!

Other than that? Well... we're on our summer holidays now, so it's full steam ahead with having as much fun as possible and making amazing memories with my boys!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer... or winter if you're in the southern hemisphere!

Much love! <3