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Reasons Not To Get A Dog

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Cute Dog Puppy

  1. House training... oh god the thought of that makes me dry-wretch.

  2. Picking up poop. I know I do this with Max anyway, but he'll eventually be out of nappies at least!

  3. Being tied to home a lot more, especially when I've just finally got some freedom back!

  4. Having to take them out for walks even in the most miserable horrid icy snowy icky weather.

  5. The scratching of their claws on our laminate flooring downstairs. I just know it'd happen, and I hate that noise!

  6. The cat puts up with our rabbit and wee rattie, but I highly doubt he'd do the same with a dog.

  7. Which brings me to other animals. Could you imagine a pup in a house with a cat, a rabbit and a rat??

  8. Not to mention the boys. A pup, and two hyperactive boys. *shudders*

  9. It's a much better idea for me to get my driver's license and attempt the costs of running a car before getting such an expensive pet!

So yeah... I really need to NOT get a dog.

Thank goodness where we live there are so many people with dogs I can always get a wee pat and a hello most days! Plus I can live vicariously through bloggy people who *do* have dogs. Without having to clean up after them! ;)

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