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Reasons I'm a Bad Mother

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Note: This is supposed to be TONGUE IN CHEEK. Google it if you don't know what that means!

I wrote this post over two years ago on the old blog, so I thought I'd re-post it here and add some things since some time has passed... hope you enjoy!


  • I have fed both my sons with formula milk from the get-go... ok I tried breastfeeding with Zack but he wouldn't latch - it turned out he was tongue-tied. Max... was born with a tooth. Nuff said. (Yeah... well, nothing to add here!)

  • I have shouted at both as babies to shut up when they just wouldn't stop crying all. day. long. (and I still shout at them now when they're doing my head in!)

  • I fed Zack food from a jar. A lot. I will probably do the same with Max, but not likely as much as I did first time around. (I tried feeding Max with jarred food but he wouldn't let me. Finger food all the way for him. His favourites are peanut butter sandwiches and pizza... *cough*)

  • I have been known to smack Zack very occasionally for things like trying to electrocute himself with the plug sockets, or running out into the road. I will do the same with Max. (I now smack Zack if he's being an exceedingly rude/bad/misbehaving little sh!t. Not *all* the time but you know those days when they push and push and push you? Yeah... those days end up with a smacked arse. Never did me any harm!)

  • We watch too much TV. (we still watch too much TV, and play on the Wii lots too)

  • Zack has a gameboy Nintendo DS and plays it every day. He also likes me to take pictures of him with it... weird kid! (I am trying to wean him off it, but it keeps him so occupied! >_<)

  • They both have dummies. Both only use them as a bedtime comforter. If it calms them I don't see the problem! (Max still has a dummy. It calms him down if he's having a strop, although I try to limit it to sleepytime, it doesn't always work out that way. When Zack turned 3 I told him he had to throw his dummies in the bin cause he was a Big Boy now and the Dummy Police would come to take him away if he kept using them. He has never asked for one since)

  • I spend a bit too much time infront of the PC Mac instead of with my boys, like now for eg. A girl needs some time out ya know? (Still do this, but I *try* to limit it to when Max is napping and the boys are in bed. Doesn't always work out that way but... well, you know how it is, right?)

  • Zack sometimes gets food that is made in our oven. It's not the most nutritious but it fills him up. Oh, and he loves tomato ketchup! (he still loves ketchup. both the kids love pizza and chicken nuggets. Sue me.)

  • He also loves chocolate (although to combat this he does also seem to love broccoli!). (He hates broccoli now, and most veggies. Little git. Max refuses to eat anything remotely wet or slimy to the touch, so it's dried banana pieces and crackers for him)

  • we have periods when we don't leave the house for 2-3 days at a time. (that doesn't happen these days, or not so much... unless we have a few feet of snow. Zack is at nursery mon-fri in the afternoons and Max n I will at least be in the garden, if not going out somewhere with Dean.)

I do all these things that some would shrink back with horror at, but you know what? My sons are happy, they are healthy, and Zack at least is way ahead of the game when compared to most toddlers his age. Max so far seems to be following suit too.

Ok so it turns out that yes, Zack is ahead of the curve (duh!) but Max is taking his sweet time with his speech and communication. He's being assessed for autism spectrum disorder in May. We will find out more then. For now though, he's still the most adorable little guy in the whole wide world!

I may be a 'bad mother' for doing these things, and probably a ton of other things that I can't think of atm, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm doing a damn good job of raising my kids and there's nothing you can say that will make me think otherwise!

I still consider myself to be a great mother to my kids... even if I don't do everything "perfectly".

Stay tuned for reasons that I'm a good mother, coming soon!

Not doing this cause I already know I'm an awesome mother... so there! :P


So... what do you do that makes you a "Bad Mother" according to those "perfect" parent types who can to everything and never have any problems? Cause we all know that the perfect mother doesn't exist. Perfection is never achievable. Remember that!