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Puppy Love - our rescue pup

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At the end of August last year, I started looking for another pup to join our family. I looked everywhere online, all the rescue places that were close enough for me to visit, to no avail. Then I happened upon Balkan Underdogs, a charity who rescue dogs in Serbia, and arrange for them to be rehomed all over Europe. I looked and looked and looked - there are SO many beautiful babies there needing a home - and there she was.

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 This tiny, scared little 2 month old puppy who'd just been found earlier that week.

There began our journey to get little Mishka over to us here in Scotland. After a thorough home-visit and many forms filled in and emailed to the people in charge, Mishka was reserved for us. Now the wait began! It took another 6 weeks for her to be old enough to be able to travel. She'd had all her shots and had her passport. I had paid for her travel, and she was on her way.

5 days later, on October 6th 2013, she finally arrived!

Mishka is all tuckered out after having a great explore of the garden and house! :) #newpuppy #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram

Of course she was absolutely shattered, and was so scared, bless her. She couldn't quite close her eyes until Zack lay down beside her. <3

I think we have a new duo in the house! <3 #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #puppy #pupsofinstagram

It took a few days for Kenzi to get used to her. This was a big step, them both sleeping so close together!

My girls out for the count <3 #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #newpuppy #pupsofinstagram #puppy

At first Kenzi wouldn't cosy up with her. I can understand that - you can't just expect them to be fast friends *straight* away, right?

Curled up and fast asleep <3 #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppy #newpuppy #mygirls #rescuepuppy

Mishka adores being out in the garden! She got used to the back door being open to her disposal... not so handy in the middle of winter now though!

Mishka loves the garden <3 #rescuepuppy #puppy #balkanunderdogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram

Slowly they started to sleep closer together...

Out for the count! #newpuppy #puppy #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #balkanunderdogs

And Mishka's cheeky side started to come out... she likes to steal my seat! You'd almost think Kenzi was waiting for her to get told off...?

Who's been sitting in my seat?!!

She was such a teensy wee thing, and that tongue still sticks out these days whenever she's in a deep sleep.

Look at that wee tongue! <3 #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppy #pupsofinstagram #cute #adorable

And she loves going over to my friend's house to see the rest of her pack...

Kenzi and Mishka with their wee friends <3 #yorkiemafia #yorkie #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppy #pupsofinstagram #cute #love

Even Max has taken to her, calling her "funny dog" when she's running around silly, and trying to catch her constantly-wagging tail.


After a few months, her full coat has started to come through, and with it her (crazy!) personality!

Mishka #puppy #rescue #cutiepie #dog

These days the two of them are constantly cosied up together when they fall asleep. Kenzi has also been known to put her paw over her new little sister to cuddle her in her sleep.

Sleepy girls... #dog #dogsofinatagram #dogstagram #puppy #rescuepup #yorkie

Mishka is a very cheeky, sly and funny wee thing. She's *never* still for more than a few seconds when she sees me with a camera or my phone....

Mishka baby <3 #rescue #pup

She also loves the sound of her own voice, so we had to get her a wee anti-bark collar. It sprays some citronella in front of her face when she barks. It's been a lifesaver! She's not too keen on it though, bless her...

Mishka-baby says happy new year!

Did I mention that she has a sixth sense when it comes to photo opportunities? Even if she's sound asleep, she'll somehow wake up and jump about *just* before I'm about to take an adorable photo!

This puppy point blank refuses to stay still enough for me to take a photo! <3 #puppy #pupstagram #dog #dogstagram #dogsofinatagram #rescuepup

So that's the story of our little Mishka. Born on the streets of Serbia, found by herself at 7 weeks old, in the aftermath of a storm.

And now she's here, in Scottish paradise, with woodlands and trees in ten minutes any direction. She has a sister who pretends to be all sweetness and light but actually causes a lot of cheeky arguements over toys, and a family who adore her.

She's HOME.