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Pondering my bloggy-journey.

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Just a week ago today I opened up to blog.

In that one week I've written a post every day. It's like I've found my bloggy mojo all over again, and I'm loving it.

My fresh start, to go with my new start in life. I can write what I want, when I want, and about whatever I deem fit. I feel calmer in myself as if I've got anything on my chest I know I can write it down here. What's more, there are people actually reading it (hai People!). It's amazing the difference starting off a blog can make if you've already got a name for yourself online. Two years ago when I started alittlespaceforme, I knew no-one. I blogged about the nightmarish sleepless nights I was having with the newborn Max. I whinged about it actually... lots. I met a few like-minded (read sleep-deprived) people through NaBloPoMo and it spiraled from there.

I blame Veronica. No particular reason, I just do.

(*smoochies* love you really babe!)

I am so amazed that I've carried on with this hobby for so long. I'm known to not be one who sticks with something for very long, but when I forked out for a year's hosting I knew I was in for the long haul. No excuses, I just had to do it.

I've also kept up my interest in taking photos of my family in those two years, although I don't think I've improved anywhere near as much as I'd like to, or like some people have. Oh I wish I was as talented!

I had a WoW (world of warcraft) blog for about a year, but in the end I'd rather play the game than blog about it... although you will most definitely see some more WoW posts in the coming weeks what with me being promoted to Admin in my guild - they like me! They REALLY like me!! *sqwees*

I thought about starting up another blog - Bought the domain name last year and then didn't really have the time or energy to do anything with it.

And here is my newest baby, I think I'm going to enjoy it here, and I have a few ideas now about what I want to do with the design. I've even been sketching again! I haven't done that since I was at school some... oh, eight years ago now? (that makes me feel older than I feel)

Things have been very up and down in the past couple of years, and I'm pretty sure one of the main reasons I stayed sane was the friendships I've made online. You may not realise it, but you guys have been my rock, and I'll never forget that. Ever.