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People keep telling me...

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That I should blog more.

I tell myself that most days too, when I'm reading other people's blogs and think, oooh, I could write about this... great idea. Or when I'm with my boys and they do something awesome,

I should be photographing it for the blog. But if I was photographing the boys then I wouldn't be enjoying playing with them.

If I was busy trying to 'up' my blog content to be more regularly I'd have to severely cut down on the blogs I *read*, and really, I enjoy that just as much as the writing of it.

Veronica mentioned the, hmm... apathy (?)... of those bloggers who have been around for a while seem to suffer from to a certain extent. I know that I certainly suffer from this Long-term-bloggy-itus.

I don't even bother to write any more, although there are often things buzzing around my head during the day.

However I don't get the chance to just sit down and write uninterrupted very often, if ever.

I miss having that quiet time to just sit and write, but I feel a bit stifled by my life at the moment to be able to do so without feeling guilty about it.

So instead I mess about on Twitter, Facebook and the like.

I read blogs, and comment on them as much as time will allow.

But I don't spend much time writing anymore.

I kind of miss it.

I just don't know how or when I'm going to have that guilt-less time to be able to sit down and write again.

I'm hoping that once Zack is at school (which OMG is just two! months! away! and I've bought most of his school clothes already!!), and Dean is at college, Max and I will have more time to just *be*, and when he is napping, I'll hopefully be able to get back to that regular writing again.

Until then... I am around. I am reading your blogs.

I'm just not as present on my own at the moment...

And hoping that it won't last much longer.