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Oooh lookie... she wants comments!

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Soooo... if you read my other blog (which YOU SHOULD, cause I'm awesome. Not Kelley type Awesome, but still, I'm pretty awesome, right?), you'll know it's Delurker's day here in the world of blogging.

You know what that means? That means I get to ask for comments! Specifically, comments from people who don't normally comment!

Mind you... I have a feeling that this blog doesn't exactly have much of a readership, so I quite possibly haven't got any comments, cause I'm a nobody. And awesome nobody, but still, as far as the blogosphere goes, a nobody.

Please, if you are a lurker (or even if you're not) just leave me a comment? So I don't feel like a nobody? Pretty please? I will give you a cookie if you do? ;)

Also, I'm in a fresh-meat mode at the moment. I want some new blogs to get my teeth into... and I'm sure if you read my blog, your blog must be pretty bloody awesome too, right?




Ahem... yeah.

Pretty please? *flutters eyes* :D