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Oooh Crafty Stuff... Wheee!

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Tomorrow morning (eh, technically this morning I suppose, but I'm writing this the night before, so I'll stick to what I know!) I'm dropping off the boys to school and nursery and headed into town with my mum and dad.

We're off to a crafty shop that my mum likes to go to.

I'm stupidly excited!

I've been to places similar-ish with my mum when I was wee, but I didn't share the same enthusiasm as I do now that's for sure.

It's funny that isn't it?

I spent a lot of my time as a tweenager and then a teenager pushing away the ideas and advice my mum gave me.

Insisting I wasn't into crafts and such, and yeah I liked art, but that was different.

Oh how differently I see things now!

I love the pretty papers from scrapbooking, the way my watercolours seep into each other and mix together on the page.

I've been looking up videos on youtube on various techniques, and have found countless websites and blogs with the most beautiful paintings and scrapbook pages, home made cards and journaling.

I feel like I just need to DO these things, to get my hands dirty, to step away from the computer and make something real that I can touch, that I can show off to people and say "I did that". (yes I did just say that, I'm a shower-offer. I admit it!)

So I'm really looking forward to tomorrow morning.

I'll get to spend some time with my mum, looking at pretty papers and stamps and embellishments and and and OH so many pretty things! At least there's a wee coffee shop there for my dad to while away the time as we sqwee in equal measures to each other!

It'll also be the first time I've been into town for some proper shopping (i.e. *not* grocery stuff!) since October last year, so this is loooong overdue! :D

Time to get to bed so I can be fresh faced and well rested for my wee excursion!