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Since I've been getting my creative mojo on again, I've been inspired by a fair few people online.

After all, where else is better to find out about new techniques, what mediums to use, how to apply them, not to mention scrummy prompts that so many of the art blogging world has to offer?

Among my favourites is Effy Wild, who runs Wild Precious Studio. A ning community of EssCee's (spiritual creative... s... c... see?) who are all about being real, using art as healing, and generally being a place full of wonderful, strong, empowering people. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that, right?

So Effy has recently put together an eCourse, The Elements of Art Journaling.

The thing is, for me? Art isn't just about getting messy, it's about the process. It's about putting part of *you* in the paints, the crayons, the paper. It's a very calming thing to do, art journaling. It's just for *me* (though me being me, I do like showing off, naturally!), and almost meditative, once you get started. What can start out as a wee squiggle on a page, can turn into something beautiful.


And one of the things I *love* about the Studio, is the prompting of really digging deep to create something meaningful. Even if it doesn't seem to be to anyone else, it is to me.

My little budda, for example, will always remind me now of when my big brother came to visit, as I'd just finished it as he arrived at my door. Which was a (wonderful!) surprise to me! It reminds me of that feeling of happiness to spend time with him, and the smell of the pancakes he made the next morning for the boys and I. That's a good memory to have, in my book. :)

waiting 107/365

And this girl, she'll remind me of the first hospital admission for either of my boys. Max's first asthma/wheezing attack. We were up all night, he was taken by ambulance, I was worried. By the time Max fell asleep, I knew I needed to stay awake, as it would only be an hour or so till we were able to go home. He was sleeping peacefully, and so I brought out my little journal, and my pencils, and started drawing. By the end of colouring her in, I was calm, I was centred, and I knew that we'd be OK. She'll always remind me of how I can stay calm in any situation, that I'm strong enough to do that.

Creating, in any form, can be so healing, cathartic, and FUN! Whether it's through writing poetry, blogging, drawing, making your garden into a haven. These things that we do, these things that we love, they're such a part of us, we don't even realise how much it helps us through things. Not till afterwards, at least!

Wait... I've gone off on a tangent there, haven't I?

Now where was I?

Ah yes... that's it! Wild Precious Studio and Effy's new eCourse... go have a nosey! The button is on the sidebar too, cause I love it! <3

Hope to see you over there!

MWAH! xx