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One Little Word 2013

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Day 8: Tired eyes... My wee Max has had a busy morning at nursery! #fmsphotoaday #eye #ii #instagood #photoaday #popular  

For the last 2 years, I've chosen not to do the "usual" resolutions.

Instead, I've chosen One Little Word.

One word that will shape and guide me through my year.

In 2011 my word was Create, and it was a wonderful word. And a wonderful year!

I even chose to get it tattooed onto my wrist last year, as it continues to mean so much to me.

Last year, I chose Focus.

But honestly, I lost focus more quickly than I seemed to be able to grasp hold of it.

Lets be fair, 2012 was NOT the year for me.

Max's lack of sleep, my lack of confidence, total exhaustion, which lead to me being far too close to being admitted than I'd like to think.

I wonder if Focus was too strong a word for me to be able to, I don't know... bond with?

That brings us to 2013.

This year WILL be better than last.

It has to be.

I won't let it be otherwise.

I may not be able to choose the situations I find myself in, but I can choose how I react to them.

And this year? This year I choose to not dwell on the negative.

I choose to be mindful of the good things.

Of my beautiful boys, who are going to turn 8 and 6 this year.

Of the leaps and bounds both have taken over the last year.

Zack's confidence is at an all time high, thanks in huge part to him joining our local Young Carers group.

In the last month alone, Max has finally moved on from only drinking out of a particular type of sippy cup (which had been discontinued, and was a constant worry for me as we were down to the last two) to drinking out of any cup with a straw!

He's starting to bring me a nappy to ask to be changed (could this be the year of toilet training??).

And he's becoming a lot more imaginative when playing with his toys.

Sure his sleep may still bet hit or miss (mostly miss if I'm honest), but I can either choose to get upset and fretful and worried about it, or I can choose to accept that this is just the way Max is, and to come up with other ways of at least ensuring he's staying quietly in his room until a decent hour by giving him the iPad.

Can you tell what my one little word will be this year?

Choose definitely feels like the right word for me at this time.

And so it is.

Simple as that.