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Oh come ON!

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At first, the snow was nice. It came down on friday night, and there was just enough to have a wee snowball fight with Zack, but not enough for a snowman.
Yesterday though, we woke up to thundersnow. Have you ever heard of such a think before this weekend? Thunder and lightning WHILE it was snowing!

So of course with all that snow, we had to make a snowman.
Last year, when we had this amount of snow, my bloody knee popped out in front of Zack, just as we were about to get ready to go out to build a snowman. Needless to say that never happened.
Zack adores being out in the snow, and was amazed at the size of our new friend, I think he did a pretty good job, don't you?

By the time I put the kids to bed, it looked like it had stopped snowing. Unfortunately, no such luck! This morning even more snow had fallen, and although we had some sun today, it was soon hidden by snow clouds all around and it's started up again.

Not before I managed to get some photos, albeit with my iPhone as the battery of my camera had run out. Still, I'm pretty happy with these!

Snow berries

Icicles and spiderwebs