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Officially Autistic

AutismMarylin35 Comments

Today was the final step in Max's diagnosis, which has been ongoing since the summer.

He had his ADOS session (Autism Diagnosis Observation Schedule) this morning, which basically consisted of five observers including the head pediatrician, speech therapist (and a student who was shadowing her), someone else who was there for something (no idea, he looked important!), and the therapist who was to interact with Max (who had been at ours for the home visit in Jan).

I was to sit in the sidelines with my dad and try to be invisible so Max didn't come over to us.

They recorded the session. It was about 30 minutes.

I found it very hard to watch him display all his usual behaviours (warts and all) and not be able to interact with him, to show them the way to be with him.To show them what he can be like when he's with me. To show him off I suppose.

That's not what it was about though.

At the end of that they asked if we had anywhere to be, or if they could take 30 minutes or so to discuss everything and then give me the feedback and final diagnosis.

Max was happy to get to play with the toys in the waiting room, and I went between checking twitter, pacing the room, chatting to Dad and smiling and playing with Max when he wanted me to.

The diagnosis that I've known in my gut to be true since he was 18 months old has been confirmed officially today.

So has a WONDERFUL sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Which, as I type this, has worked! Max has been fast asleep since about 6.30pm, and didn't even stir when I tucked Zack into bed.

All in all today has gone really well.

It's been a hard and long day, and I'm glad to have a bit of peace and quiet this evening (can I get a HALLELUJAH!), to gather my thoughts.

Here's hoping that tonight hasn't just been a fluke and that the melatonin is in fact doing it's job and will continue to do so.