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Nursery: Day 3

LifeMarylin12 Comments

Today is Max's third day at nursery. He was so excited while we were waiting to go in, jumping about and squealing with delight.

As soon as we got in he just ran off to his favourite place. A little dolls house that has nurses and doctors etc.

Not even a look back as I went.

His keyworker said that so far he's just in his own little world, playing with the toys, but they're making sure that he knows when things happen, like group time and snack time, even if he doesn't take part in it.

I'm really happy with how well he's been doing. Today is only day three of nursery but to see him so happy to go in, and not even be bothered if I leave? AWESOME.

That over the weekend he's started saying PLEASE? Even MORE awesome!

That I get to have just over an hour to myself at home?


We're off to Asda this afternoon. Finally I'll get some new bras (bout time too!), along with new shoes for both the boys and, hopefully, me. Plus Christmas decorations, and some pretty boxes for storage in the living room.

Is it sad that the highlight of my day is getting to go to Asda?

Well, even if it is, I don't care! Christmas shopping is fun! Especially when it means I can get it all sorted before December starts. :)

Oooh, must remember Christmas cards too...