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No, seriously... SERIOUSLY???

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So the other day I went to see my parents as my mum hasn't been feeling well at all. Wanted to cheer her up a bit. So over I went, with sausage rolls and cakes from the bakery. I dropped off Zack at nursery and Deano was looking after a (sleeping) Max, so we got some chill out time.

My blog was brought up (probably something to do with pictures on it) and my mum comes out with... "could you not use the f word in your blog please? Couldn't you just do it like F*** or something instead? I don't like it".



I was like what? the? hell??

My dad in the kitchen was saying it was a "fuckin disgrace, there's no need for it"... and actually being serious, not realising he was swearing as he said it.

For once in my life I stood up to them about something.

It's *my* blog, to write about how I feel about things, so I will write how I please on it.

I said that if they don't like it then, sorry, but don't read it.

Mum swiftly changed the subject as she could tell that Dad and I could have got into a roaring argument about it.


Who the hell tries to tell their 25 year old daughter who has two children and (almost) a divorce under her belt not to fucking swear???

What! The! FUCK!

(yes I said fuck... fuck fuck fuckity FUCK FUCK).

I already felt that I couldn't write what I wanted on my old blog when I split from Twatface cause his whole family know the address for it.

Now I feel like I really can't be myself without offending someone.

So that's it.

A Little Space for Me will become a place with random updates on the boys and pics of them and that's it.

Everything else? That'll be here.

Fuck it.

I'm sick of being fucking censored.

No more.

I'll fucking well swear as much as I fucking want. So there.