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No excuses now!

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Went mad at the art shop!

It's my birthday on Sunday, did you know that? I'll be 27 on the 27th. It's got to be a good year!

Today after dropping off Max at nursery I got the bus into town. ON MY OWN! IN TOWN! I went straight to Ruby Rose to see what they had. I wasn't disappointed, and got a good few tools I've been needing to get started on creating what I've been envisioning.

Then I went to the local art store, Dunns. Ohhhh so much to choose from! Luckily I was armed with a list, and knew what I was looking for, as I had a good idea of what I wanted to *do*.

So, now I definitely have everything I could possibly need to get creating... I can't wait till the boys go to bed tonight so I can get started, no excuses!