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Never shower the kid again. Ever.

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Is it bedtime yet...?  

This is me right now.

Well actually, I took that last night before putting the boys to bed, but it's also me now.

See, I decided yesterday evening that it would be much quicker and easier to give Max a shower instead of a bath.


Well he wasn't happy about it at all, but it only took 3 minutes. I was soaked through by this point, and he was as clean as he was going to get, so yeah, 3 minutes, in, washed, hair, out, dried.

Commence about 20 minutes of being Very Upset at me for putting him through the HELL THAT IS SHOWERING.

Bathing has become a lot easier over the last few months. He doesn't particularly enjoy it, but he'll let me get on with it, play with the bubble and his toys while grumbling a wee bit, and then once he's out he just goes back to what he was doing before. Happy and clean.

I should have known the 20 minutes of being upset was just a precursor for what was to come.

But I was naive.

I didn't think.

So off my boys went to bed, both fell asleep. Hell I even managed to get to bed before midnight!

I must have *just* dropped off when I was woken at 1am. "I want change nappy".



*changes nappy*

You good?

*thumbs up*


Night night!

"Eee you ater!"

Of course I'd had the equivalent of a power nap by this point, so I ended up WIDE AWAKE till after 3am.

Just dropped off when

"I want xbox please!!" while climbing onto my bladder and crash landing there.

By this point I was so desperate for sleep I just agreed. It was nearly 4am. I could totally do this.

Downstairs, xbox on.

We good? Good. Awesome. 'Ee you ater!

Back to bed.

I check facebook and such because, you know, I can.

I had literally just put my phone away and turned round, getting comfortable.

"I want milk please!!!"

I wanted to cry.

Downstairs, milk got, cereal too, nappy checked, xbox on, computer on, heater on, good? Good! good. 'Ee you ater! Back upstairs, into bed. Passed out.

One hour later.

I want change nappy.

It was at this point I decided not to bother going back upstairs until he was fast asleep.

Which was about 8am this morning.

All this because I gave him a shower instead of a bath.

And now I'm a zombie.