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My Photography Journey

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I first started looking into photography when I started blogging, 8 years ago. 

Max was only about 3 weeks old at the time...

I had a little point and shoot, and I didn't even know how to set the date on it, never mind how to turn it off!

After a few months I started to figure out a little bit more about composition... and getting my mini subjects into focus:

Then came my first ever DSLR! A Nikon D60, with the kit lens! 

I used auto for a fair while at first...

Then came the discovery of Photoshop Elements and FRAMES!!! (*cringe*)

And how to saturate and "crisp" up my photos...

Closely followed by attempting to try out different ideas for watermarks!

And then I found Photoshop actions!

I also started taking photos of something *other* than my gorgeous boys!

Then I guess I stopped with the over-processing as much! For a while anyway...

And as things got busier, I found myself using my camera phone much more. Like they say, the best camera is the one you have with you, right?

Sure they were over processed a fair bit, but I came to realise that my photos don't need to be perfect - they just need to have good memories attached to them. :)

And as I upgraded my phone, the photos became clearer...

I do still dabble with my DSLR (which I upgraded to a D90 almost 3 years ago now)...

But honestly, I just find it a pain to cart around a heavy-ish DSLR while taking the kids out and about, so my baby (iphone 6 plus) gets most use these days, and I use it for all the photos I take for the blog, as well as for any memories I want to capture.

And of course it can make for some awesome family selfies! 

So that's a condensed version of my photography journey over the last 8 years... yes really, this is the condensed version! 

What do you prefer to use for taking photos? Leave a comment to let me know, and feel free to share this on Twitter of Facebook! 

Happy Wednesday!