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My own take on 'no communication' day...

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If you're around the blogosphere, you've probably seen a LOT of people either having posted yesterday to say they won't be around on twitter or facebook and the like, to gain an (albeit very minor) understanding of what it's like to be autistic. The idea behind Communication Shutdown is, in my opinion, kind of the wrong way to go about it. However lots of people are taking part, and donating, so that is good.

Thing is, most people will just not bother logging onto twitter or facebook for the whole day. In my mind, that defeats the purpose of it. To me, it would make more sense to have twitter and facebook running, but be unable to reply to any of the many conversations that go on. I think that it would be more appropriate to do that, as most people on the spectrum will be included in conversations, but may not be able to put their thoughts into words.

Better yet, change the language you're reading facebook in to something you only have a small grasp of, and THEN try to take part. I bet that would put you through a loop. That's probably the most similar to what Communication Shutdown would be like for those on the spectrum.

On the other hand, as a result of this 'shutdown', there has been an uprising. A WONDERFUL uprising of people insisting that today they will shout from the roof tops about how their lives are affected by autistic spectrum disorders, and that... THAT is amazing to see.

Maybe that is part of the idea of it to begin with. Surely by doing something like that, the people behind this would realise that many of us would disagree, and do the exact opposite. So from that point of view, not only has Comm. Shutdown raised a great deal of money towards helping those on the spectrum, it has caused a huge amount of talking ABOUT it too.

That can only be a good thing.

As for me?

I'm trying to make sure that my tweets and facebook statuses are full of things relevant to Max, and our lives which, if I'm truthful, basically revolve around him.

Whatever you've decided to do, do it with pride, and know that you're helping one way, or another!


Today, Max is having a meltdowny day.

Firstly, because I thought we'd try him walking instead of being in the buggy on the school run this morning. Bad idea. Very bad. That boy is now getting far to heavy for me to carry for long periods, especially when he's arching his back, crying, and not wanting to be up nor down.

Secondly, because when we got him and I'd settled him into watching In the Night Garden (godsend that program!), I went upstairs and tidied up the bombsite that is the boys' room. Remember how Max has figured out that he can climb up on a toy box to reach the light IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?

Well, I've moved around his room a bit, and jammed the boxes into a corner out of sight (with toys in them) so he can't get to them... we shall see how long it lasts. Needless to say, he's not very happy that his messy room has been all cleaned up!

Oh... and now he's grumping as he wants another packet of crisps.

Today might be a long day...