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Moving House

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Untitled So we're moving house.

Two weeks today to be exact.

And last night this card jumped out while I was shuffling.

Pretty apt I'd say!

We're staying in our gorgeous wee town, but moving to a much nicer place, with a bigger garden, and just along the road from some friends too.

Of course this means my head is going OH MY GOOD GOD I HAVE TO ORGANIZE AND PACK ALL THE THINGS in a loop.

Our internet should be on the day we move in, and our sky tv the day afterwards.

Priorities, innit?

The amount of out-of-date tinned food I've discovered in our pantry is pretty unnerving so far.

Oh, and I have a cat who's got an addiction to chewing at cardboard boxes.


As you can see, he's pretty embarrassed about it, but that doesn't seem to be stopping him.

In fact, he seems to be well and truly involved with his addiction. This is the same cat who has bald-butt syndrome.

Though at least that seems to be growing back mostly.

Oh, OH! And did I mention the autistic child who doesn't like change?

So yeah, the next couple of weeks are going to be interesting what with everything changing here and the place filling up with boxes.

And I'm totally not procrastinating one *bit* by writing this post.


Not me!

Anyone got any tips about moving house?

Or, you know, want to come do it for me?