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Merry Christmas!

LifeMarylin2 Comments

My beautiful boys <3  

I hope you've all had a good day! Max only had one meltdown, which I count as a Good Day, so we're all happy here! I must admit, seeing all the photos of "Santa's been!" last night had me feeling a bit inferior. Unable to supply that amount of toys for my boys will do that, I suppose! But then, this morning? When they had just finished opening their presents, Zack turned round to me and said this was his Best Christmas Yet!

So, despite not having as much as some people, he had a- no idea, and b-a brilliant time, regardless.

Trust my gorgeous boys to put things in perspective for me!

I hope you're all having a very merry holiday, wherever you are,

and if you're not.

If things feel like there's no end in sight.

Please just click on this link and have a read.

See if any of these numbers look like they might be able to help you feel a little less alone, a little more like there IS a light at the end of whatever tunnel you're going through.

I can promise you this: Despite how it feels, you are NOT alone. There are people out there who can help, but they can only do that if you ask them.