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Melatonin Works!

AutismMarylin23 Comments

We're onto week two of the spoonful of melatonin-laced-nutella routine before bedtime, and oh WOW am I greatful we've been given this!

Max has been falling asleep by about 7-7.30pm at the latest every night.

I've been able to go to bed at 10pm at nights, which makes for a whole EIGHT hours of sleep every night.

Zack is a lot cheerier, and Max is like a different child.

He's more calm, happier, easier to distract when he's upset about something.

He's learning new words.

Today he's said "beebeebeees" for Cbeebies, "noo!" (copying me every time I said no to him asking for another biscuit), "ampa" (Grandpa), "waii" (wait when telling him that he had to wait at the school gates, and more that I can't think of right now.

He's more settled at nursery, he's even eating his lunch there!

It's like a whole new life for us all.

None of us have to deal with screaming for hours every evening.

We all get to have a good decent uninterrupted sleep every night.

That in turn means our days are going by much more calmly, as we've all got more energy to DO and BE.

Not only do I now have that blissful three hours every morning monday to friday to be able to catch up on what I need to with housework, or to paint like I did this morning.

I also have my evenings back!

No more trying to drown out the crying, dealing with Zack coming up and down the stairs countless times.

No more going to bed and trying to ignore the screamies till we both eventually fall asleep exhausted.

I get to tidy up the place, fix something to eat, and then enjoy catching up with blogs, watch tv, or go to bed and read a book.

It's wondrous!

So if you've been struggling with bedtimes as much as I have, seriously... go to your doctor/paediatrician, whatever. ASK about melatonin. Seriously.

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that it has given us all a new lease of life, and I don't care if that means I have to give Max this medicine for years to come. I'll do it. Because the difference is just beyond words!