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Max is a school boy now!

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Maxs1stday.jpg This is the end of Max's first week in school.

And it could not have gone any better!

That wee quiet smile on his face there? That's been there all week.


As soon as he saw his uniform on Tuesday morning, he literally whooped with joy. A fist pump and everything!

He knows exactly what the jumper means, thanks to the wonderful transition that the nursery (which is joined onto the school) provided for him last term, so he knew straight away where he was going.

So every morning this week, we've been getting ready for school, and he's been happy.

And every morning this week when he saw his teacher, he'd run straight up to her and give her a hug!

He loves his new routine SO much, in fact, that this morning, he didn't even look back as he waved in my general direction! He was looking forward so much to going into school that he didn't need to.

I could not be more amazed and delighted at how well he's settled in!

And, to top it off?

Today, for the first time ever, he came up to me after he finished his lunch, signed (using Makaton) and said "Mummy" correctly while looking straight at me, and gave me a hug.

I mean, he's said "ummy" in the past, but I don't think he's ever understood that I'm Mummy. That my "label", so to speak, is Mummy.

Today he showed me that he understands that now.

Of course, that led to me grinning like a loon and also sobbing like one, hiding in the bathroom so he wouldn't see me crying!

I've waited five years and ten months for that moment.

Five years and ten months to hear my little man calling me "Mummy".

Excuse me now, while I go re-apply my mascara.

I may have started crying again while writing this.

My little man knows that I'm his Mummy.

I don't think anything will top this feeling for quite some time!

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