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Stop waiting: choose to love yourself NOW

Soul LoveMarylin6 Comments
Choose to love yourself NOW

Choose to love yourself now.

Stop putting the damn “when’s” in front of it.

I will love myself when….

...I'm blemish free.

...I've lost just another 6 lbs.

...I'm in a romantic relationship.

...I've got my make up just right and my hair has been done at the salon.

If you keep doing that, you’ll never get round to it.

Trust me, I’ve been doing it for years. My whole life in fact.

And I’m still not quite there yet.

me unedited

Take this (unedited) photo of me for example.

All I see is my greasy hair at the top, the bags under my eyes, the spots on my chin (why won’t they ever go away!) and that one of my eyes is always a bit squint/screwed up.

I see the double chin hidden by the angle of the camera.

What I should be seeing is… ME.

Someone who is beautiful inside AND out.

My sparkly green eyes, my beautiful long hair, my heart on my sleeve.

To give the best I can to my children, I need to give the best to myself too.

And that means no more trash talk in my head.

No more groans every time I catch myself in a mirror, or see myself tagged in a photo someone else has taken where I’ve not been able to pose *just* the right way.

It means letting go of all that negative shit in my head, the one that talks about how I look as if I were my worst enemy.

I don’t want to do that any more.

I am DONE being so damn harsh on myself.

Every time I hear that voice in my head, I am stopping it dead in it’s tracks.

NOPE. Not happening!

I forgive you, I’m sorry, and I love you.

Thank you Denise Duffield-Thomas.)

I am ready to start loving me, NOW.

Not when my ego deems me to be acceptable.

Right fucking NOW.

Are you ready to do the same?