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Looks like I have a poser on my hands!

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max 22nd april 2013 mosaic  

I took out my camera for the first time since Christmas.

How do I know it was Christmas?

That would be the photos of the boys opening their presents that were still on the memory card!

So I thought I'd see what Max thought of a little photo shoot.

Turns out he loves being in front of the camera!

No idea where he'd get such an attention grabbing personality *at* all.


So this is my wee little boy, growing up.

Doing silly things on purpose to be funny, giggling away and signing "funny" when I ask him what he is!

Things like messing my hair up, or coming up to me to give me a cuddle or kiss, before running away at the last moment with that cheeky smile and dancing eyes.

Posing for the camera and doing silly wee stunts while giggling away.

And starting to call me "Ummy".

*insert big gooey eyed grin here*

I mean really, how gorgeous is he, amiright?