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Looking After Two Sick Kids is No Fun

LifeMarylin12 Comments

Both the boys have been unwell since Thursday.

Well, Max has been full of the cold since Thursday, Zack since Friday.

I haven't been outside since Wednesday evening last week.

My gorgeous wee boys have turned into snot monsters, who have been keeping us all awake in one way or another most of the nights for the last 4 nights, and damn I'm tired!

I thought they were getting better yesterday, but then last night they were both up coughing and sneezing, followed by looking pretty pale this morning.

Zack *seems* to be much better now, so hopefully he'll be at school tomorrow.

Max is still tiring out very easily, so I'll keep him off till Wednesday at least.

I hate seeing my boys unwell.

On Friday Max just slept and slept and slept. Finding a different place to fall asleep each time. The sofa, his bed, my bed, Zack's bed. He just wanted to sleep. Zack was just an icky snotty boy and... erm, well, lets just say I didn't know snot could fly so far! *shudders*

I just wanted to be able to wave a magic wand and magic it away, or at the very least be able to swap places and be the one who was unwell.

So... fingers crossed they'll both be feeling better soon.

Then I can boot em out to school and get back to having some me-time! ;)