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Leaps and Bounds

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Max is coming on leaps and bounds the last few weeks, he really is, and I'm so SO proud of my lil man!

Like today, when he brought me a packet of crisps and put them in my hand ('asking' me to open them). I said "say please!" and and... guess what... HE SAID IT!! He said please! I opened them as soon as he said it, gave them to him and did a happy dance, making a huge fuss of him. I'm so filled with joy and happiness when things like this happen. I didn't realise how much I took for granted with Zack until I had Max.


At the weekend we went for a walk to the local visitor's centre for some lunch. He sat there happily the *whole* time (yay for restaurants who have toys for the children to play with, proper toys!), and afterward we went over to the climbing frame for the boys to have a good run around.

I can now let him run off, even a good way away, and as soon as I call him he turns round and runs back to me, grinning with his arms wide open for a cuddle... yaaay! :D

There's a lovely little dog that lives there, she belongs to the garden centre which is right next door. No idea if she has a name, but she is lovely, friendly, and gentle.

Max actually showed some interest in her... actually, a lot of interest. It's the first time he's *really* tried to interact with an animal. Sure he loves watching the quick actions of our little ratty girl Alice, but a dog is much bigger and more imposing.

I was amazed as he giggled every time this dog ran to get the stick we were throwing for her and bringing it back.

Max and a Dog

He even sat down with her and touched her/patted her!

Maybe one day a dog will be a good thing for him after all... mind you, it's not something I'll be looking into *quite* yet, I still have a lot of 'training' to do with Max for now!