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I've Learned So Much

LifeMarylin26 Comments

Since Max came into my life, I've grown as a person more than I thought possible.

The other day, I was talking to my mum on the phone (as we tend to do almost every day at some point!), and she said the sweetest thing:

"In these last few months, you've become the person I always thought you'd be."

Mum, you have *no* idea how much that means to me!

In the last year I have become more patient, tolerant and compassionate than I ever thought possible.

I see things from different perspectives.

I have realised who *I* am, someone who likes to feel free, spend time snuggling up with her boys climbing all over her in the mornings, and adores her camera.

But really, although Max has greatly helped this come out in me, you want to know who has really helped me become *me*?

Yeah, that's you Mum!

Your guidance, your shoulder to cry on, your ability to calm me down in just one phone call.

Talking for ages about photography and crafts and gossip and well, anything and everything. It doesn't matter what it is, I always feel invigorated and full of inspiration after speaking to you.

Knowing that you're practically just around the corner from me these days is the icing on the cake.

I love that my boys are growing up getting to see Granny regularly, and that I can just pop over after picking up Max from nursery to say hello and have a cuddle and a chatter.

So I just wanted to say, Mum, THANK YOU.

You are my rock.

You are my teacher.

You are my bestest friend.

And I love you.