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It's Good to Get a Pat on the Back!

AutismMarylin13 Comments

The one thing I've learned throughout the whole diagnosis process that Max and I have been through, is that actually I'm doing a damn good job raising my boys.

I've frequently been told this throughout their lives, but now I'm finally at a point where I believe what's being said.

I had one of my last meetings with my Parent to Parent advocate today. Let's call her Lovely, cause she is.

The amount of support I've had from Lovely is just beyond words.

From helping me with filling in DLA forms, to even coming with me to one of Max's appointments and going in with him to get his bloods taken so I didn't have to.

Not only that though, she *gets* it.

She has gone through similar with her own child when she was younger.

And she's now helping people like me who are at the beginning of this journey.

I think I might want to be like Lovely when I grow up!

Today was really just a recap of all that's been going on, the final diagnosis, and a good old chatter.

I love it when she comes over.

Lovely reminds me that it IS down to me that my boys are doing so well.

She's been giving me that pat on my back since I first met her.

That although the "officials" have been wonderful (which they have, I really cannot fault the help and support we've been receiving since moving here and getting Max's diagnosis process started), it's me who's taken that information and used it in ways that will help Max.

This is the end of our journey together.

As she said, I'm doing really well, and it's time for her to help someone else who was in my position last year.

I know that whoever she helps, they are in very good hands.

Hopefully we'll still stay in touch though.

Lovely told me to keep her number and if ever I needed some help, whether it's with forms, or to talk over something, she's there.

She really is one of a kind.

And you know what? So am I!

So Lovely, if you're reading this (and since I gave you my blog address I really hope you are!) THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support you've given me throughout the last year.

It really has helped more than words can say!