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Itching to Get Started...

LifeMarylin13 Comments

The place is a mess.

Laundry needs done.

I need to clean the whole house.

The Christmas decorations need put away.

There is so much to do.

Right now though, I'm stuck.

I've been ill with the flu since Boxing Day, and since that's gone, I've been dealing with effing pleurisy instead.

So long as I do practically nothing that requires me to breathe any way other than a regular Not-Deep breath, I'm fine.

Anything that makes me need to breathe deeply (like, you know, going up stairs *sigh*) and it hurts.

It's driving me crazy!!

I want to tidy and clean.

I want to bake cookies and tidy away the Christmas decs and go to the shops for groceries.

However, for the next few days. Until Zack and Max go back to school and nursery on Thursday, I'm just going to carry on with the bare minimum.

Oh well... at least from here, the only way is up!