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Imagination... We Have It!

AutismMarylin25 Comments

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One of the things about kids on the spectrum, is they tend to have problems with imagination. Max hasn't really been that great at any sort of imaginative play up until the last six months or so.

Today was wonderful!

He was sat, playing with this little plane and it's wee people for about 30 minutes, flying it around, making the figures walk in and out of the door, and making wee noises like they were speaking to each other, bouncing on up and down and "talking", then the other one.

Then this evening, I had just changed him into his jammies on my bed, and he found Zack's foam sword and stuck me with it.

Naturally I pretended to fall over and play dead.

So he jumped on me, and then lifted up my hand, gave me the sword, and sat back.

I poked him in the tum with the sword, and he let himself fall backwards onto the bed! Playing dead!!

I am SO happy to see him engaging with me like that, not to mention the fact that his imagination is coming on so well!

YAY Max! xx