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I'm Officially the Mother of a School Boy.

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Zack's First Day at school.

How the hell did that happen so quickly??

It doesn't seem like a whole five years since I was holding you in my arms as a newborn baby, just a few weeks old. How can it be that it was really five years ago? Seriously?

We've spent most of the summer counting down the days till you start school. You are so looking forward to being a Big Boy and learning to read and write. I've been so looking forward to a little peace.

Then all of a sudden the day's upon us. You're at school now, Max is napping, and I'm wondering why on earth I was so desperate for you to grow up.

That's it now isn't it? No longer my lil boy that I can protect from the world.

Now you'll learn, you'll grow, you'll change, and I'll see less and less of you as the years go on.

I actually almost cried thinking about it all.

Instead I went to the local cafe and got some breakfast, came home and have been enjoying some peace and quiet while you're no doubt having a blast with your classmates.

No matter what though, you'll always be my little man, even when you're towering above me.

Love you lots Zack. xxx