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I'll Admit It, I'm Not the Chef in This House.

LifeMarylin28 Comments

That's not to say I can't cook. I can. I can cook curries, and fry ups, and easy things like french toast and such.

When it comes to proper cooking though, my fiance, Dean, is the person who does the majority of the cooking in our house.

It's not that I don't like cooking for him, just that the (vast) majority of things I cook are with chicken, and it just doesn't agree with him. Makes him very unwell even when he has just a small amount.

So today he has been making a big pot of carrot and coriander soup, which is almost done now... yum!

The kitchen is definitely his domain in our house. He cooks in it, cleans up after himself (I know!! YAY for a man who's house-trained!), and generally makes sure that we're eating out of a clean kitchen.

Puts me to shame he does!

(on the other hand, he doesn't change the pooey nappies, and I do. According to him that makes us even, and I'm not about to challenge that!)

Here's the thing though. He's about to start college. Next week to be exact.

Then it'll be me that has to do at least *some* cooking during the days he's at college.

I'm terrified! I actually manage to burn chicken nuggets!

Even if/when I do cook something myself he can't help himself. Comes in and checks the heat of the hob, stirs things, tastes them, adds seasoning and such. What on earth is he going to think when I'm cooking my way, without him around to help out?

At least it's just 3/4 days a week... otherwise I may end up scarring us all for life!

Or at least giving us all food poisoning.

Who's the chef in your house? What's your favourite meal? Come on, dish the dirt! (Badum..chhhhh!) ;)