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If I Won The Lottery...

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...there are so many things I would be able to do, but the first thing that *always* pops into my head is "I could FINALLY get my Nikon D90!! OMG!", followed by paying off debts finally, buying a house, setting up trust funds for the kids, being able to hire a cleaner, and generally getting life in order.

Really though, I think Dean and I would probably end up blowing all the money on random crap.

He was a DJ up till a few years back, and misses all the gear he used to have, so I think know he'd buy decks, synths and everything he could possibly want to go with it.

I'd buy my camera (finally!!), a bunch of lenses etc and photograph my little heart out!

We'd want the latest gaming/techie stuff of course...

a Playstation 3 and the new Xbox for Dean,

an iPad and iPhone 4 for me.

I'd also love to be able to pay for someone to come to my home to set up everything for my iMac to be backed up, and replaced with an even bigger and new and shiny one, with all my stuff moved over. It'd just be easier that way wouldn't it? Without having to worry about if I'd missed anything?

Ahh the kitchen... we would have one of those beautiful made-just-for-you kitchens with an awesome HUGE fridge and freezer (American style, that dispenses ice cubes... know what I mean?), top of the range everything, right down to the utensils we used.

Care for Max using the ABA system, which is sooo expensive but seems to work oh so well from what I've heard.

Zack would have his Prodigy t-shirts to fit (did I ever mention their "Little Warriors" clothing section is in fact for teenagers rather than children? The size we got that thought would fit Z actually was perfect sizing for Dean... no joke. And yes, yes my nearly-5-yr-old does love The Prodigy. He'll go around singing the lyrics of them all. I shit you not). He would get every game he could ever possibly want. We would have a huge garden with one of those awesome treehouse/activity centre things in it for him and his friends to play in.

We could get a dog! FINALLY! We all so soooo want a doggy in this house, but we can't afford it unfortunately. Not yet anyway. This time next year? Quite possibly we will have one. I hope!

Ooooh and we could get some degu's finally! Those cages are damn expensive, but they are so damn cute!

In fact, we could pretty much have our own little farm. I could rescue horses that needed a good home.

Oh how I have always ALWAYS wanted a horse. Not to ride, just to take care of, groom, breathe in the sweet horsey smell.Plus, we could use the manure for the roses we'd have in the big garden we'll have.

Not to mention having lifetime memberships to the Crieff Hydro - the very posh and expensive members only club with pools, children's creche, beautiful walks, a gold course, horses (!!!), a spa, mmmm... that would be so amazing.

The best thing? I could take photos of all of these awesome things with my long lusted after camera!

Now then... I guess I just need to keep buying that lottery ticket every week don't I?

What do you think you would do if you got a big win in the lottery?