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I watch FAR too much TV!

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The last couple of nights I've not had the tv on, and I checked my Sky+ box.

I have about SIX hours worth of recorded things from two days.

Three hours an evening on TV??

That's not good!

I should really cut down.

I mean I definitely don't need to watch Home and Away or Hollyoaks (but they have such HOT guys in them*swoon*)...

There's no way I *need* to see every episode of CSI and CSI Miami (but but Greg! and... well, eh, there's just something about Horatio, ok! No judging!).

Mental is a good one, and damn it helps that the main character is a hottie.

Same with Bedlam. Oh Theo James... I love thee! (No hunting me down now Unpacked Mummy!)

America's Next Top Model? Yeah WHY do I watch this?? (I certainly don't start posing in my living room while watching the photo shoots. Definitely NOT!)

Prison Break... well, it's the last series and I've been meaning to watch it for ages. I do have the DVD set of it though, so really... no need! (Mmmm Linc...)

Six Feet Under, I lost track of so am watching from the beginning on Sky Atlantic.

ER, I was ten when it first started so been enjoying watching *that* from the start (Helloooo Dr Ross!).

Thirtysomething actually makes *sense* now that I'm a grown up and have kids!

Boardwalk Empire is AWESOME. Nuff said.

Same with Treme, and Glee, and Being Human.


There is FAR too much good tv on these days!

I need to choose just a few and stick to them.

There is just so much more I could be doing instead of watching all of that tv.

I don't even dare think about how many hours it adds up to in a week.


I guess it's time for me to sit down and decide which of these I'm willing to let go of.

After this weekend.