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I Shouldn't Be This Tired... and other things.

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It's just after 10pm and I'm shattered. I got a decent sleep last night, and the kids haven't been much hassle today.

Why do I feel so exhausted all the time?? It's doing my head in!


I got my implant taken out today (contraceptive device of evilness that's had me bleeding constantly since December 10th last year when I got it put in. That's OVER THREE MONTHS OF CONSTANT BLEEDING. And headaches. And period pains. And I stopped losing weight (when I'd been doing sooo well - 2 and a half stone from last summer by the end of the year!)).

Local anaesthetics hurt like a bitch when it's on your inner-upper arm.

Once my arm was numb though I watched it being taken out. Was kinda cool actually! (Yeah, I'm a freak. My favourite memory of actual learning at uni was when I got to disect a rabbit's foot and pull the tendons to make its toes move... ahhh the memories!)

My arm is really feckin achy tonight though.


Max has started talking in his own little way!

He was eating a brie and bacon panini (very posh dontcha know!) for his lunch. Dean asked him "is that good?" and he replied "yeah... gd" (yes, with no audible vowels there...). We asked him a few more times and he said "yeah" every time.

He's also been saying "go" a lot recently, and what sounds like come on "co-onnnn", and garden "gagan". Aaaand when Granny and Grandpa were coming over on sunday he kept saying "gannygapa" over and over again! I know that it's only Dean and I that realise he's talking, but it's a BIIIIG step for Max, so I'm *really* happy about it!


I have a coldsore just underneath my left nostril. It's fucking sore. And uncomfortable. And pissing me off. And it's really ugly.


Dean got into college!!!!

He had his interview on tuesday and did so well that they offered him the place on the spot!!

I'm *sooooooooooo* happy for him!

(I'm also a bit jealous... I admit it. *sigh*)


Go have a look at Barbara's awesome sillhouette of her kidlets - it's LUSH! :)


That's all I've got for today... I think I'm going to lie on the sofa with a blanket over me and pretend I'm not really tired yet.


What bits and pieces have you got going on at the moment that aren't a blog post on their own so you should smash them all together? SPILL!