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I Never Thought....

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I'd love weekends so much!

In the past, weekends are the only times when the kids were at home the WHOLE time which, to be honest, drove me mad!

However, now that I'm officially part of the School Run Mums Club, I am relishing being able to be lazy in the mornings at weekends, even if it is coloured with constant attention seeking from my oldest, and happy squeals/screeches from the lil man!

Of course, I though that I may actually get to sleep a little later today. 7.30am on the dot I woke up. Both kids still asleep. ARGH!

Needless to say I *had* to get up to go to the loo (damn kids making my bladder weaker...), and by the time I'd done that, Zack was wide awake. So much for some quiet time before he was awake then huh?

I have figured out that so long as I'm in bed by 11pm every night, I am mostly alert and awake enough in the morning to not feel like a zombie, which is a good thing. But... goddammit I'm a night owl! I don't LIKE going to bed so early and missing out on me-time. I love staying up as late as can be to squeeze every minute of child-free time I get! 1am... 2am... sometimes even 3am. They're normal bedtimes for me, not 11pm! *sigh* I guess it's just the inevitable huh?

I'm looking forward to one day being a pensioner who can sleep when she wants and do what she likes. Since that's still about 40 years away though, I'd better just get on with what's going on right now rather than whiling away my days thinking about the future.

I'm all ready with the Sunday Snippets for tomorrow... I hope you are! The last few weeks have been missed as we've had so much going on, but I have loads to tell you, so I'll see you then, and hopefully you can tell me some of your Sunday Snippets too! :)