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I must NOT get a dog *repeat ad infinitum*

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cocker spaniel puppy

I have been pondering getting a dog for quite some time. They're such fun animals to have around the house, and I think Zack and Max would both benefit from having a furry friend around as a companion.

It's definitely *not* the time for us to actually get a dog though. Here are some reasons why:

  • The cost. These days it's hard to get a dog for 'free', and even if that's possible there's still the initial starting-up costs that come with owning a dog.
  • Can you imagine me going for walks with Zack in one hand, pushing Max in the buggy, AND having a dog on a leash? Yeah... me neither (although it could be rather amusing to watch!).
  • Max may need many appointments over the next year or so to help find out what's going on with his hearing, not to mention speech therapy etc.
  • We've just moved to a new town. Getting a new dog could be a good way of meeting people, or a really *awful* way to end up having people avoid me.
  • Did I mention the cost?
  • The doghair. Mind you, I have a long-haired cat already, so it couldn't be *that* much worse, right?
  • Having even less time for myself. I'm finally starting to be able to chill out in the evenings with the boys going to bed by 7pm. I'm betting I'd end up with a dog that was hyper and wanted to play once they were in bed instead of just falling asleep in front of the fire. Not that that says anything about my general demeanor or lack of leadership skills *cough*.
  • Once the boys are at school I will be looking for a job of some sort. It wouldn't really be fair to have to leave the poor mutt alone while I'm working now would it?

So... for all the reasons above I must NOT get a dog.

How long do you think it will be till I crack and get one anyway?

A few months...

A year...

5 years...

5 weeks?