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I Heart Me Monday Week Seven

LifeMarylin13 Comments

This week's prompt from the lovely J Notes is:

What could you go today to make your life easier?

Well, I'm writing this in bed from my iPhone, as one of the things I can do today to make life easier is get a good night's sleep!

I'm terrible for having to drag myself to bed at nights. It's my only time to really unwind and have me-time that doesn't have a time limit. Know what I mean?

I completely forgot about writing this post until now. If I was being stupid (which is often the case in the evenings when I'd do almost anything to not go to bed) I'd go back downstairs, switch my mac back on and write this up, add in the correct links and picture (which I'll edit in later) and then no doubt lose a couple more hours just getting lost on the interwebs!

Today though, as I've been staying up later over our Feb break, I need to have an early one so that I can get my butt up and ready to face the day without making the boys late, so bedtime it is for me!

Keeping my fingers crossed that Max won't fully wake tonight in a couple of hours. I'm hoping that it's been because he's heard the tv on or me pottering about downstairs the last few nights that he's woken up. If it's dark and we're all asleep that shouldn't happen, right??

Edited to add the pretty badge and links. And to add that I feel WONDERFUL having had a full 8 hours of sleep! Max slept through! YAY!