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I Heart Me Monday #3

LifeMarylin7 Comments

What Mummy/Parenting behaviour ignores your me, making you want to laugh, scream or cry?

Ooh, now this one was a bit of a toughy for me to be honest!

What mummy behaviour makes me want to scream or cry.

I guess the worst one for me is the, now only once or week if I'm lucky, times when I need to get up in the night to hush a crying Max.

It's usually when I've *just* fallen asleep for a start, and often he's just wanting to play or cuddle. That's nice n all, but couldn't you leave it till the morning honey?

I'm not as happy a person when I haven't slept properly (you can imagine what I was like before Max finally started sleeping through most nights... cue me jinxing it and now having to get up at least 3/4 times tonight! LOL), god forbid I have a broken night's sleep!

I can't function well the next day at all.

I am grumpy, snappy, and oh so lethargic, I just can't be bothered with anything!

So yeah, the one major anti-me parenting behaviour is definitely the sleepless nights!

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