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I Heart Me #2: What do you want for you in 2011?

LifeMarylin9 Comments

Oh this is a good one, it's something I've been pondering since the new year rang in!

I'll do a list, much like Notes has done on her post...

I want to improve on myself a lot this year, there are two main areas within this:

  1. I want... no, I need to get fitter. I'm sick of not being knackered after walking up the hills in our town! I need to do it for myself, but also for the boys too. I want to be able to run around with them in the park, garden, wherever, and not feel exhausted by the end of it. I guess really I'm doing this because I want to increase my energy levels.

  2. I want to improve on my photography, and learn as much as I possibly can. I've now got my lusted after Nikon D90 (SQWEEEE!), so the only thing to do now is keep reading the manual, and consuming as much information and putting in as much practice as I can to be the photographer I want to be. I now know what sort of style I like, I just need to focus more on nailing the shots properly, rather than shooting tons and getting maybe 2/3 photos I'm happy with!

  3. I also want to make myself an inspiration board. I've started gathering bits and pieces I like, I just need to get the cork-board to get started!

OK so I added an extra one, and it's more of a "something to do" rather than what I want for me.

What about you? What do you want for YOU in 2011?


J "Notes" has come up with this wonderful meme, I <3 Me. Realising that we "mummy bloggers" are so focussed on everyone else, we forget to take time out for ourselves. Something that's really needed for us to be the best we can be for that "everyone else" we focus on.