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I had been wondering...

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Recently I've been wondering if I did the right thing moving here.

Not because I don't love the place. The house is perfect, Zack and Max are so settled here and I love having my parents around to see as often as I like.

But I miss my friends so much. I miss my friends-who-babysat so much. I miss always having someone to pop out to chat to. I miss being able to nip into (decent) shops while Zack is at nursery. I guess maybe I'm more of a city chick than I thought.

I'm not saying that this isn't a friendly place - plenty of people stop to say hello and everyone *loves* my boys - who wouldn't? (answers on a postcard, you can have them for a weekend - I'll pay). I just miss bumping in to people who I know. I suppose I have been kind of spoiled having my best friend living right next door to me. No chance of that happening here since my neighbours are all of the 60+ variety, ish. >_<

On Monday it'll be six weeks since we moved in. It feels like a lot longer. I know I just need to get used to this and know that in time I will make real friends. I'm just really NOT so good with patience.

I miss being able to plan things like going to the movies or just over to my friend's for a few drinks and know that my boys are being looked after by people who don't mind what time I stroll in at (hi Jenni and Donna!). I miss having Shirley over on a saturday to watch Xfactor with, and share a few drinks and some gossip with too of course. I even miss hearing Jake-the-dog barking on his way down the stairwell and the damn noisy students... ish.

On the other hand... if I'd stayed in Dundee I certainly wouldn't have seen the awesome fireworks display from my bedroom window tonight with my boys, or seen (and stroked!) a horse while waiting to pick up Zack from nursery!

I know that this will all come in time. I guess I'm such a sociable person by nature I find it hard to not have anyone around to talk to most of the time.

It's time for me to start enjoying my own company a bit more in the mean time I suppose...

And hey, at least I have my friends on the internet - what I'd do with you guys I really don't know!