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I Definitely Did Not...

LifeMarylin50 Comments

...let the kids watch cartoons in my bedroom this morning just to get another 20 minutes of sleep.

...or ply Max with cookies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I could write this post.

Nope, not me, I'm a Good Mum really.

I would never leave them on their own while I have a shower.

Or outside to play while I catch up on Twitter.

I'd definitely not ever put Max into his room for a nap just because I wanted one myself.

Or get Zack settled downstairs with a snack and the cbeebies website so I could enjoy said nap that I didn't have.

I'm not the sort of mum who'd take the kids out for ice cream, even if they've been naughty, just to get them to shut up (and get to have an ice cream herself). That would just be wrong, and send the wrong signals, right?

And I certainly wouldn't let them get away with snatching things from each other when I was so knackered I just couldn't be bothered arguing.

Nope, not me. I'm a Good Mum really...