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How Long??

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I've been blogging for three years and two months exactly as of today.

Not all in the same place mind, but I have been writing somewhere or another since November 6th 2009.

It all started thanks to this American lassie, TJ. She was a WoW player at the time, and I'd stumbled onto her blog. She had just started doing this thing she called NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Apparently it was only done one month a year at that point, in the November.

I tried to sign up to the site, but you needed this thing called a blog to be able to join up... so I made one.

First I was on Blogger, then, then Blogger... you get the picture. I was a bit all over the place, and wasn't too sure what to write about.

I met Veronica, and Lotus, and Sandy.

I wrote about being sleep deprived with a constantly screamy 6 week old baby that would turn out to have sensory processing disorder. That's what the screaming was all about it seems - he just couldn't take all the noise and the brightness of our world at that point. That and my snoring...

I wrote about playing WoW, and made friends in that community.

I didn't discover any UK bloggers until a good year or so later, when I met Barbara, and then Nikkii.

Then I, eventually, discovered the British Mummybloggers.

It was also about that time that Max was diagnosed as being on the spectrum.

I reached out to a certain lovely Irish lass, and she, along with many others, took me under their wings.

To them, I'm thankful. SO increadibly thankful for the patience and support and friendship they've shown me.

And that's how I got to today.

I blog about life with an autie in the family.

Not the keeping-track-of-the-kids-growing-up idea that I initially had for blogging, but damn if life isn't for living through the ups AND downs, then I don't know what it's for!

So, I guess these days I blog in the hopes that I can be there for someone, like others have been for me.

For people to realise that when they see a kid having a huge tantrum in the supermarket, to just stop for a second and actually think. Maybe that kid isn't just being naughty. Maybe the lights are too much for them, or the smells are overpowering. Maybe their mum would like some actual HELP instead of a "my kids would never behave like that" look in their general direction.

Generally, I want to help open peoples eyes to the world of autistic spectrum disorders.

Not much to aspire to then eh?

Oh well... I never was one to take the easy route!