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How I Keep My Spirits Up

LifeMarylin11 Comments

I'm generally a happy person.

It's not always easy to do though, and it does take reminding myself of the good things to keep going.

When I'm feeling a bit down, I go for a trawl through the internet (particularly pinterest at the moment!), to lift myself up.

Thought I'd share some quotes and sayings that I've found recently that help me take stock of my life.

I truly believe every single one of these, and I think that everyone else should to! I've got a ton more on my pinterest account, under "words", so feel free to have a nosey.

YOU are amazing, wonderful, talented and beautiful simply because you *are* you. That's what makes you unique! It doesn't mean that you won't have flaws, hell, *everyone* has flaws, but *never* let them hold you back from being the best you can be!