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He's Copying!!

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Happy Max

He's started copying. Really copying! I'm so happy I could cry!

This morning was the start of our new routine. Max up bright and early instead of letting him sleep till noon (hey, what can I say, he's like his mother, but it's not good for him!), he was up once I got back from dropping off Zack at school.
Don't worry, he wasn't alone, Dean was there too, both of them sound asleep. :)

So he's up, having his breakfast and instead of leaving him to it I figured we'd try the spoon again. He won't lift it himself but he WILL let me fill it up before he takes it from me, yay for progress!

Then he did his lil 'high five' routine which is as follows:
1. "Gai gahh" (high five) *holds his hands open wide for a high five.
2. "worrrrrrr" (word) *puts his hand in a fist till I do the same and we (gently!) punch our knuckles together.
3. "ica ica ica" (tickle tickle tickle) *holds his hands out, palms up, for me to tickle them.
4. Repeat 1-3 ad infinitum, or until mummy decides to change the game.

I pointed to the garden and said "ohh rainy day" with my hands doing a 'raining' action, and he copied the action!
This is HUGE for my lil man. HUGE.
Then I did the hiding my face "one two three BOO" thing, and again, he copied (complete with BOO at the end!!).

I figured since he seemed to be in a copying mood I'd try with his favourite rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle.
Well goddammit that boy did EVERY action in the song!
Including pointing up to the sky and doing the diamond shape!!!
Dear GOD I am so so happy to see him engaging with me like this! It's amazing! Soooo exciting to see!!

After breakfast I set him up in his lil chair/desk with some blocks, to do some one-to-one play.
We have 4 things to play with.
1. lego blocks, building them high and then pushing them over to start again.
2. a touch-book with lots of nice furry things in it, for his sensory needs.
3. a shaker/maraca type thing.
4. bubbles (the reward for playing so well).

Basically the idea is to get him used to having things changing around him by giving him code words, ie "last one", "finished"  "turnover" (for the book) etc.
The whole lil 'set' only takes about 5 minutes at the moment, as otherwise he'll get bored, and the whole point is to keep him occupied, but as time goes on we'll add more games to the mix, and he might even start letting me *read* the book to him, who knows!

So far today's been awesome, and it's only just 11am! I'm thinking Zack being at school isn't just good for him, but his little brother too. :)