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Happy New Year!

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You know, a year ago from now, I hoped and prayed that Max would call me Mummy by the end of the year, but I honestly wasn't sure if he'd be able to.

I wondered if he'd ever let me kiss him on the cheek without pushing me away and screaming, or ever run towards me for a cuddle.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from the little guy then. The one who didn't speak, rarely looked at me, and never responded to his name, or anything else for that matter.

That was before the year that was 2010.

That was before his initial assessment and the play and speech therapy started.

That was before I made friends who have children the same age who I am blessed to have pop in for an afternoon regularly, and get invited over to theirs.

That was before I became the more confident mum that I am to him now. To both my boys.

Today I know that when Max wakes up, and consequently wakes Zack up to open the stairgate at their door, he will come bounding into my room, climb up onto the bed, and snuggle up with me. Even climbing under the duvet to keep warm! (that one took a while for him to get the hang of!)

I know that he will prod me on the cheek till I wake up, and when he sees me looking at him, he'll give a huge smile, and say Mummy!

I will turn around, sit up, and open my arms wide and he will throw himself into them, giggling away, and coorie in for a big cuddle.

He'll take my hands, and put them on his cheeks, and will want to rub noses with me.

By this time, Zack will have wandered through, switched on the tv in my bedroom, and found Spongebob to watch.

Both the boys will cuddle up in bed, with their iPods, and watch cartoons until their mummy wakes up enough to get everyone breakfast.

This is going to be a wonderful year for us, I just know it.

Happy New Year everyone!