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Four Days Till Freedom!

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On Saturday the boys will be going up to their father's for a week.

You might remember the first time they went up north how absolutely sick with worry I was. Remember that? Yeah, me too.

The second time, I don't think I even mentioned it on the blog. It was only for 3 nights, and I wasn't well. When I say I wasn't well I mean I had a chest infection and spent the entire time in bed or lying on the sofa coughing and feeling sorry for myself. It was lucky really, that the boys were up north and I wasn't having to try to take care of them *and* be very unwell/dizzy/coughing-up-shit at the same time.

This time has to be my 3rd time lucky.

This time I fully intend to make the most of the week that they are away.

Long lies, being able to go out to the pub at a moment's notice.

Maybe a trip to the cinema,

and being able to just take my camera and go for a walk when I damn well please!

Not to mention not having to watch Cbeebies or Playhouse Disney on repeat. Oh thank GOD for that!

I'm hoping to be able to afford to go into Dundee for the day at some point too, to see some of my old friends, and maybe meet a new one.

That will depend on finances though, and whether I actually get out of bed before midday at all while they're away...

So, four days from now, the boys will be away up north for the week. Dean and I will be FREEEEEE.

That means one thing and one thing only.



And no need to worry about not being able to drink much incase the boys need me.

I can actually get a bit drunk! :D

Mmmm I can hear the Jaeger Bombs calling me already... nomnomnom.

What do you do when you have some child free time?

Or if you don't get child free time, what would you do if you could have some?