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Five Tips on Getting Back to Blogging After An Extended Break

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blogging after an extended break

I've been blogging on and off for nearly 8 years now, and I've learned a few things about taking a step back from the world of blogging. 

In fact, I've learned a lot more in the last month or so about how to get my blogging mojo back than I've felt it in years. You know what I mean, that urgency to want to share things on your blog... the way sometimes it. Just. Stops. 

Life gets in the way, you drop the ball for a week, then another, before you know it a whole month has gone by, two... three... in my case, my latest burn out came last November and that was me till June. 

Eight months without blogging. 


But then again, who doesn't drop the ball with their hobbies when shit gets real, am I right? 

Thing is, it can be really overwhelming to start up again. 

I had pretty much stopped using most forms of social media other than Facebook for chatting to friends. 

So here are five tips I've found helpful to get me started with ideas and get that blogging muse back up and running!

  1. Have a good look at the categories on your blog. Try to cut them down to between say 4-7 that can be used prominently... trust me that will make the next bit a lot easier!
  2. Now that you've got your 4-7 categories, Get some paper and pens out, a notebook, whatever you like to write with... you're going to make some mind-maps! (stick with me here... I'm not a big mind map fan myself, but it WORKS!)
  3. Brainstorm blog post for 10 minutes on each category. 
  4. Get yourself an editorial calendar and start plugging in those posts! 
  5. Get yourself on Buffer and use their power scheduler to arrange how many tweets and what you'd like them to say. Switch it up a little with quotes from the post you're promoting, and use pictures - people love pretty visuals! 

I've done all of the above (I ended up taking about 20 minutes on each of my 5 (or is it 6? I can't remember!) and now have enough content ideas to last me into the new year and feel focused and relaxed about my blog now instead of freaking out about ALL THE THINGS I need to do! 

Hope this helps, and hit me up with any questions if you have them, I'd love to be able to help if I can!