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First Day With NO Buggy

AutismMarylin18 Comments

Today was the first day Max went all day without being in his buggy.

We walked to nursery as usual in the morning.

He's getting *much* better at waiting till Zack goes into school than he used to be. Normally it would have been screamy thrashing around on the ground and such.

Now it's a bit of a tantrum, and then he will wait relatively patiently till we walk down to nursery.

After nursery I picked him up as usual and we went to a SHOP with him walking!

First time ever I've done that without him in the buggy.

He did SO well.

I let him pick a wee sweety, so he got a Milkybar.

Then we had to go to another shop to get some milk.

Again, he was great! Walked with me (mostly), and waited pretty well at the check out before walking home.

Then later it was time to go pick up Zack.

Normally I take the wee man in his buggy at this point as he's always been too grumpy and tired to even contemplate walking.

Today though, he walked the whole way there and back with barely a whinge!

Looks like we're one step closer to him becoming a bit more independent!

Oh oh OHHHH!

AAAAND! While we were in the shop, I showed him a packet of his favourite rice cakes, and asked if he wanted some.

He SAID "no!" and put it back where I'd got it from!

So all in all, we've had a Very Good Day!

GOOO Max!! :)