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So I'm having one of those evenings when there are plenty of things I *could* be doing, but instead I've been sitting on the sofa, getting my arse-groove perfected on it, laptop on my knees and pissing about doing bugger all.

I really should stop doing that so much, but quite frankly, I can't be arsed. This sofa is too comfy. The company is awesome, even those nights when we just sit doing our own things on the mac and laptop respectively.

To top it off, we have now got Sky+HD installed. You know what that means? No more trying to watch my soaps (or "Mummy's TV) while juggling getting tea ready, dealing with generally whingy children (that witching hr thing before bedtime? Yeah, lasts about 2 hrs with my boys... just great eh!), and putting them to bed. AND! I can pause live tv when I need to go do something. AND! HD TV really *is* that much of a difference! I didn't think it would be, but it is! Only problem is my tv has started making a high-pitched ringing noise after it's been on for a bit. Which is annoying, and makes me wonder if it's going to blow up sometime soon. I may ask the parentals for a new TV for my birthday or summit... we shall see!

So yeah, I can get my soap fix whenever I damn well feel like it, I have my own personal DJ (yeah, Deano used to be a real DJ... like a Really Good DJ), I can check up on facebook, twitter, Clickin Moms... whatever I damn well please! It's doss!


Max's speech therapy is going well. Dean came along to the latest one this afternoon, and Nikki was pretty happy to see the interaction between him and Max. I'm glad he came along, cause now he knows more about what we need to do, although he was doing it all already! Apparently he's "quite a character" with his hat and glasses... that was an interesting conversation! lol :)

Zack's besotted with Benny Da Bunny (who has his own Facebook account, thanks to Deano!), and has been on pretty good behaviour recently, so we're happy with that. He's also amazed at the idea of having a TV upstairs (in my bedroom), which was set up with our old Sky box when the new one was installed yesterday.

The Rockster... is *scared* of the rabbit. It's hilarious! He will only go near him when he's safely shut in his cage, and refuses to let him out of his sight. We had them out together in the kitchen the other day and the cat couldn't get outside fast enough! I was giggling for quite a bit about that one!


As you can (hopefully!) see, I've had my BlogHer ads moved over from the other blog to here, and I think it sits better with that block rather than the old one, so I'm going to keep it there. I keep thinking about what I'm going to do to the design, and I kind of have a couple of ideas, but I've not really settled on anything in particular. I will quite possibly bring over the banner from the other blog to this one, but it doesn't seem to fit quite right, so we shall see how it goes.

I'd like to have something to do with thistles in here (obviously!). Dean mentioned having green and purple in here (hence the change in colouring of the text), but I'm thinking more maybe something in black and white, so that when I do post photos (I will start doing that more often, really!) they stand out more. The way I have the coloured headlines at the moment just seems a bit random for my liking.

Lots of things to think about I suppose, but as it's half past two in the morning, and my parents are coming over for lunch tomorrow today I'd better bugger off and get to bed. Even though I'm WIDE awake and in a thinking mood. Damn my night-owlish genetics!!

Yes, I'm going now.


Off to bed for me.

Aaaany minute now.

*Takes her iPhone with her*